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Frank is the co-host of the Holy Sh*t podcast and owner of Butchered Sports podcast and YouTube channel. Frank is an attorney licensed in PA, MD, & Washington DC. He is a former Director of Litigation for the only LSC funded nonprofit law firm in or nation’s capital. Frank has been invited as a presenter at several national and state conferences for lawyers where he provided guidance on representing veterans, managing and developing multiple generations in the workplace and the use of tech to level the playing field in the courtroom

Frank Natale, Esq

Master Patsy is the co-host of the Holy Sh*t podcast. He holds rank as a Master Instructor in SinMoo Hapkido as well as Senior Instructor (4th Dan) in Chon-Tu Kwan Hapkido.

He also holds instructor certifications in Police Defensive Tactics, Anatomic Targeting Strategies, Active Shooter Survival and Workplace Violence Survival.

Master Patsy Zarilla


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